Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When words fail (pray, trust and obey)

I just realized (again?) one reason the self-imposed blog deadline is sometimes difficult. It's because even though I say I have no rules and don't have to have a theme or strong focus or be clever or witty, I always do want to achieve all of those things.

I don't expect to have time to write tomorrow (the actual deadline day), so I wanted to get it done tonight. I've been trying to think of a topic all day. I had a great weekend and a great prayer time this morning -- but none of that really inspires me to WRITE. For today, my thoughts are distracted by knowledge that close loved ones are facing times of uncertainty involving health and other issues. As I sit here trying to find words to write, I drift into prayers for those things on my heart that I do not want to be writing about right now. Strangely, my awareness of the power of prayer seems intensified as I struggle to write. I want to write, and all I can do is pray! So I guess that's the right thing to do. I thought writing would bring a new perspective of faith and hope, but all I can come up with is Amen. Trust and obey (words on my heart as I left church after prayer time). Pray, trust and obey, humbly and gratefully, to God's glory.

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