Thursday, November 25, 2010

Simple Thanksgiving

I don't want to let Thanksgiving Day end without writing some words of gratitude. I'm going through a phase where I'm so tired I can hardly think, but I still need/want to write. Last night, I went to bed without reading my Bible, brushing my teeth or washing my face for the the first time in longer than I can remember. And I still woke up tired for an untraditional Thanksgiving. I didn't watch any parades or fix or eat turkey, dressing or any of the familiar foods. Gene and I just had grilled fish and veggies. Yummy! No visits or company. Just us and the cat. And morning to bedtime sports on television. It's not my preferred way for spending Thanksgiving, but this year I think it may have been perfect.

One thing that made it right is that I know my Daddy is back on the farm, just short of two months from when he went to the hospital for surgery for lung cancer. I think it actually took him longer to get back home than we expected, but I cannot express how grateful I am that he had the surgery and that it was successful and that he and Mom persevered through all of the hospital and rehab stays to make this possible. I would have loved to have been there to share those moments as he arrived back at the home place, but my heart rejoices just to know. Knowing other siblings were there for Thanksgiving made it easier for me to wait until the weekend to visit. I can hardly wait!

But I'm also reminded that this is the first Thanksgiving without a dear loved one for many people. Several who are dear to me lost parents or spouses or other close loved ones this year. I know of at least one instance in which my excitement about my father ended up being painful for one of these people. And there was nothing I could do to make it OK after the pain was realized. I'm still praying to know the proper balance.

As I often write on this blog and was reminded when I reviewed some things for my blog "anniversary," I'm grateful to have the freedom to write down my thoughts and publish them even when they're not very well developed. Posts such as this seem to plant seeds or cultivate thoughts or habits that lead to the few posts that I really feel good about.

So, I still haven't said what I mean to say about thanks and gratitude. This year, I've tried to keep in mind to Whom my thanks and praise are due. It is God. I thank God for the good, and I thank God as I face challenges. I praise Him for Who He is. I try not to just thank God for what He's done for me. I'm learning and really taking to heart that God is worthy of worship, praise and thanksgiving no matter what is going on in my life. God loves me unconditionally. That alone should be enough for unending praise and gratitude. But in addition to that, because He loves me, He just keeps blessing me. On Thanksgiving and always, I pray that my life will be one that reflects my gratitude and praise, to God's glory.

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