Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signs and wondering

In a conversation last Sunday, someone mentioned praying to God for a sign about a work-related situation. I said I guess I do that, although I more typically just pray for direction rather than for a specific sign. But after that conversation, I may have prayed for a sign. And as the work week evolved, I found myself wondering:

-- It seemed like Monday there was a good sign, with some positive information about how to handle a bad situation the previous Friday. Maybe this job is where I need to be.

-- Tuesday seemed to bring mixed signals, as I saw a discouraging pattern of at least one person not making it in to work each day. Because of other circumstances, I found myself wondering: Are they really sick, or just sick of it.

-- But Wednesday came the most powerful sign: Not only were there more layoffs (I understand that in this economy), but some issues about the choices that were made for the second time in less than a year still make no sense to me. The bottom line and powerful message: There is no security in my job. It doesn't matter how hard a person works, how positive they try to be or how good they do, that person might be let go and someone with less skills, a less positive attitude and less productivity still be there. I thought I learned that last time, but apparently it didn't sink in. Actually, I had hoped "they" would have learned. But that didn't seem to happen.

The good news for me is that, so far, I don't even have to wonder about whether I should just quit trying. My faith and understanding of my service to a Higher employer tells me to do my work, whatever it is, for the glory of God. He'll provide whether I'm on this job, unemployed or working somewhere else. Surprisingly, I really do believe that today. And today is all that matters, right?

One of my favorite devotional readings, from a 12-step program, was very timely on Thursday, as I faced a little reluctance on a day that included 2 tooth fillings and crown prep at the dentist and 10 hours at work. Do I really want to do this?
Excerpts from the reading:
"When a man's willing and eager, God joins in." Aeschylus
When a job or situation or personal problem seemed too hard, I used to say, "I can't do it." ... I have tapped a source of power greater than myself. All I need to start the action is willingness. ... What is the willingness formula? Prayer. When the miracle happens, I watch a defect evaporate, a task easily done, a problem solved. God does for me what I cannot do for myself.

I thank God for answering my prayer for willingness and offering Good Orderly Direction in times of chaos as well as times of smooth sailing!

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