Sunday, July 20, 2014

Still trying to figure it out

July 18, 10:30 pm: New dilemma: I know I can't know everything. But I wish I could at least know what it is I need to know. 

How do I figure that out? What  do I need to know?
That seems to be a major dilemma for me: What do I need to know???

July 19, 9 am: 
In other words, WHAT IS IMPORTANT?
This applies even to my stuff, be it clutter or treasures. 
I know I need to seek my answers in prayer and Bible reading. 

July 20, 4:20 pm: And now that I think about it, is that a new dilemma, or just more of the same. I think probably the latter. 

And the answer always the same: Word of God. 

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