Sunday, August 2, 2015

I didn't even have time to pray

On a Sunday when I set lofty goals for the start of some personal changes, I'm grateful for a kind, perceptive and helpful man from Ardmore in a black Avalanche who happened to be in the west Norman Walmart parking lot when I went to buy groceries after church.  

After sitting in my car awhile, going through several weeks of newspaper coupon (and becoming very aware that despite light morning and midday rain showers, it was getting hot!) I got out and headed to the store. But when I pushed the key button to lock my car, nothing happened. I tried several times, before finally deciding to use my key to lock the door. 

Fortunately, my brain suddenly engaged, and I realized I should make sure my car would start before I bought a bunch of groceries. 

So, I got back in and tried to start it. 
And all it did was click. I started thumbing through the owner's manual trying to figure out what to do, and really could not find anything describing my situation. 

I was just about to call my husband -- who is in New York, by the way -- when a man came to my open car door and asked if my battery had died. I said I didn't know; I just knew my car wouldn't start. 

It turns out he works in an auto parts store and knows a lot about cars. He thought it just needed a jump-start. The space next to my car was vacant, so he pulled in from a couple of spaces down. (I couldn't even get the trunk to open, but he had jumper cables. Later, I realized, yes I could open the trunk, using the key. Ha!)

With juice from his Avalanche, my Mustang started right up. He noted that the cable connections were corroded and suggested I drive around to Walmart's auto service department and get my Walmart battery checked out. So I did, but not before thanking him profusely. 

I told him he showed up before I even had a chance to consciously pray, but I still thanked God for him. (And my husband probably does, too, since he didn't have to try to talk me through this over the phone.)

The Ardmore man had been in Edmond visiting daughter and stopped in Norman on the way. I'm so glad he was here. 

I did not get his name. (That's why I am not a reporter any more -- I hate to intrude and ask for details. I don't know where that reluctance comes from. I admire people who can easily engage and get to know people that way and then remember the details.)

I drove over to Walmart's auto service department and they checked the battery (it's fine, according to the diagnostics) and cleaned the connections. 

Something perhaps worth noting is that the corrosion might have been prompted by all the rain. That's what the Walmart guy said. 

I'm just grateful for the goodness of God and the people He sends my way, especially on this day when I'm trying to make some positive life changes. This wasn't directly among my goals, but awareness of an unexpected blessing is always a good thing.

It also serves as a reminder that God knows what I need before I do. As the lyrics of a worship song that has been with me since Friday go: Be still my soul and know: You are God alone. Stop thinking so much and just let go.


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