Sunday, September 6, 2015

What God Allows

God redeems what He allows. That's a concept that has stayed with me since I read it a year or two ago in writings of Jim Denison, on his Denison Forum on Faith and Culture. 

My choices are my own, not God's. I've made poor choices even as I've continued to pray. 

And God constantly works to redeem my actions, to work things for good, to make it right.

I am currently experiencing that in a major way. 

What I want to shout from the highest hill: never give up on God. 

And, perhaps related to the second of Christ's most important commandments: never give up on people. 

Never stop praying and believing and working in whatever way you can, even if it seems small, to know and do God's will. Even if it seems impossible that you can resolve a bad situation, don't rule out what God can do. 

I believe I am seeing answers to a lifetime of sometimes feeble prayers. 

I pray it is so. And I thank God that it is even possible. 

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