Friday, March 11, 2016

Blessed beyond measure/How can I say thanks?

I am at a loss for words to express how grateful I feel today. And how indebted. My God, my family, my friends -- even health care professionals and associates and restaurant workers -- all have contributed to a 57th birthday filled with blessings, love and sweet surprises. 

My gift of thanks back to God MUST be to get off my tail and to get busy sharing the blessings He has given. Not just today's blessings, but for a whole lifetime. 

So many thanks are due. 

And still, since the day also included a colonoscopy after being on a liquid diet since Monday morning and going through three rounds of high-powered bowel prep (aka laxative), I think some rest needs to come first.

I pray that when morning comes, God will set me on the path to become that person I want to be for Him, the kind of gracious, generous, faithful, caring, compassionate, encouraging and helpful person I see in the lives of so many dear ones around me. So help me, Jesus, I don't want to waste this chance. I love You and praise You and want to live to Your glory. 

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