Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Glimpses of the Spirit

Psalmcat 51:5.5.10

When I first heard the concept for "The Seeking Hour" at my church, I was intrigued. Members were being invited to come and pray, study Scripture and share communion with the pastor at 7 a.m. or 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Having grown more disciplined, faithful and committed to Bible reading, prayer and responding to God's call in recent years, I could tell this was another opportunity for growth.

And even though the thought of being at church by 7 a.m. on a Wednesday seemed about impossible (largely because work hours have shifted my routine to where I often don't even get up until 7:30), I knew my only real excuse for not being there would be lack of desire.

So, I began praying to be ready. And God began making the path easy. The invitation to "The Seeking Hour" was issued Monday, April 26. By Tuesday, I was aware that some physical and respiratory issues had eased, and my mind and outlook seemed clearer. Somewhere along the way, the weather seemed more springlike. Smiles came easily, and a song resounded continually in my heart and often on my lips.

On Saturday, it was a joy to be rained on driving from Norman to Oklahoma City with the top down on my convertible. I was aware of wondering what others on the road thought, seeing a woman driving in the rain with the top down on her Mustang. And I realized I didn't care. Then, the following Tuesday, I enjoyed one of the days that is why I drive a convertible. With a clear blue sky overhead, sun fading into the western horizon, surprisingly fresh, clear air and good Christian music on the radio, the 27-mile drive home became a soul-cleansing pleasure ride instead of a dreary commute. I needed it after another long day at the office, not leaving until almost 8. Fresh fragrances included moist, recently cut grass and crops. After 15 miles on I-35, I took the backroads from Moore to Norman, through pastures, horse farms and fields of grain. (Although I grew up on a farm, I don't know whether they were wheat, oats or something else! They smelled kinda like fresh hay, so I'm leaning toward oats!)

Tuesday night, I set the alarm for 6:10, praying I'd not ignore it. From the time I awoke this morning, it seemed like Easter. I thought of one of my favorite Easter choruses: "Was it a morning like this when my Lord looked out on Jerusalem? He is risen!" Driving to church, top still down, sky still clear and blue (with the sun now just over the eastern horizon), radio still on Christian music ("I want to sing a song for You, Lord," Mac Powell of Third Day proclaimed, as I sang along!), I felt hopeful, joyous, grateful, blessed.

Four people, including the pastor and three other women, joined me in the search today. Our focus was Isaiah 40. I hope they shared the sense of glorious anticipation and the presence of God. May that sense of renewal continue, one moment at a time, to God's glory.

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