Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Through the years, I've written many words for Mother's Day. I had hoped to add a chapter today. Instead, I'll just offer a link to another gift my mother gave me. Happy Mother's Day.

"My Mother's Faith," sung by Patricia. Adapted from a song by Kasia Livingston recorded by Cynthia Clawson on her 1999 "Broken" album.

Before singing this at church today, I mentioned how most of us who have grown up "in church" have benefited from the faith of many mothers. And I suggested we take a moment to say prayers for women and families who grew up without connections to such women of faith. It actually turned out to tie in with the sermon (starting at Revelation 21:22 and continuing through about Revelation 22:5), in which the pastor talked about doing what we can in our daily lives to be leaves of healing in the world.

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