Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Psalmcat 51:6.20.10

Daddy's gonna get his card and Applebee's gift card late, because I didn't get it mailed until mid-morning Friday, but I loved the message and wanted to share it, with Mom's help. (I'm counting on her to read this to him.)

What caught my attention was that the card had a cartoon cat on the front. Most cards for dads don't have cats unless they are from a very young daughter. When I opened this one, I couldn't resist sending it.

I wanna thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons, like ..... "Money doesn't grow on chickens before they're hatched," "The early bird gets a job worth doing well," and "Two wrongs don't make a penny earned." ..... And you thought everything you said went in one ear and walked a mile in their shoes! Enjoy your day!

I thought this was a cute card. I don't see it being as much about what parents say or teach as what kids hear and learn. And I don't think of Daddy as someone who butchers sayings such as these, although he does have his own way of saying things sometimes. What I like about the card is how it messes with the familiar adages -- and gives them whole new meanings!

My Dad didn't graduate from high school or go to college. (Editor's note: After I posted this and my mom read it, she asked me why I thought my Daddy didn't graduate from high school. I have ideas about why I thought that, but I won't go into it here; I guess he raised a dummy! Interesting -- and I'm sure I'll never make that mistake again!) But I know he's a smart man who values knowledge. He reads the Sunday newspaper more faithfully than I do -- and he asks me questions about current events, as well as history. I like that he keeps me on my toes. He's also always worked hard and tried to do what's right. Those are values that are instilled in me.

And because of him, I can make a special claim as a daughter of the psalmist's son, which is something dear to me as a singer, writer and one who strives to be a woman after God's own heart.

I love you, Daddy, and hope to see you again soon!


  1. OK, I forgot to include another important lesson: Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything that I need. Daddy didn't say it in so many words, but as I listened to the Rise Up radio show this Father's Day morn, I heard a song that reminded me of the lessons Daddy taught and things he said without specific words. Among them: Work hard, do the best you can and be grateful for what you have (count your blessings).

  2. Pat, Charles did graduate from Gainesville High School in 1943. Why didn't you know that?

  3. Mom, as I said on Facebook, I don't know why I didn't know that. I seem to have no memory of hearing you all talk about his high school class or reunions or anything. It makes me wonder what else I don't know or have mistaken in my memory. I'm glad to stand corrected!