Friday, June 4, 2010


Being a copy editor is a challenge between Memorial Day and the official start of summer. Someone once drilled into my head that something can't be described as summer, winter, spring or fall until it really is that season. So in some silly version of jumping through hoops, I can't count how many times I changed summer to summertime or some variation thereof this week. Summertime salads. Summertime movies. Summerlike weather. I don't even know whether the rule is still in effect. We haven't gotten a reminder, but that may just be because the chief reminder has been on vacation and everyone is still overworked. Some things are getting overlooked. Many grammar and style rules I grew up with or learned along the way have fallen to the wayside.

I just know that I love summertime! So, here's to my extended summer season -- late spring to early fall. Bring it on.

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