Monday, December 12, 2011

Signs that are making me wonder

Signs are making me wonder ...

I seem to be getting a lot of signs that it's time for me to take a break from caring about sports. 

--The Aggie football season; A&M's departure from friendly -- or at least, for me,  convenient -- confines of the Big 12; and coach replacement. None of these make me feel optimistic about fun-to-watch games ahead. 

--Dallas Cowboys are doing what  Texas Aggies did all season. Finding ways to snatch defeat from victory. Their latest collapse Sunday is what got me to really thinking I need to take a break from caring about sports. But there's more ...

--Albert Pujols   of the Cardinals'  traded to the Angels, and the Rangers' CJ Wilson going there, too, doesn't make me feel good about Rangers' chances for a return to the Major League Baseball  playoffs, much less the World Series. It seemed like this past year was theirs, where things were lined up -- and they missed the mark.  Things that started rolling against them in the series continue. 

--Mavericks. Chandler leaving. Barea leaving. Butler leaving. The lockout. But the NBA champions'  core stays solid -- Dirk, Kidd and Coach Carlisle, so ... I have my greatest hope here.  They did pretty well under the radar last year, after all. And besides that, I have two teams I like in this pro sport. (The Thunder are fun to watch and get a lot of good press in the hometown.) Should be fun, but I would do well not to get too caught up in it. 

--Aggie women. The defending NCAA women's basketball team hasn't fared too well against good teams so far this year.  More evidence that when you get your big chance, like they did last year, it's so important to do what it takes to go all the way.

 There's also something to be said about being the underdogs. None of the experts really ever gave the Mavericks or the Aggie women any hope of being champions until they just won it on the court. 

--Aggie men's basketball. They lost their coach to a supposedly better team, and the new coach was diagnosed in the summer with Parkinson's. I have no idea what to expect here. 

Maybe these really  are just signs that I need not focus too much on winning. Why can't I just enjoy the games? I  need to find a balance. I want to enjoy and care but not let it affect my mood. I don't know if that's possible for me, but it seems like a worthy goal for me. 

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