Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blessings/lessons while sick

It is really hard for me to stay home just because I don't feel good. It would help if, by staying home, I got better sooner. But I'm not sure that's the case. I guess I should also consider the germ factor: People probably are glad am not out there spreading them!

Bridget is enjoying me being here. 
When she rests so contentedly and purring on my lap, the delight and rightness I feel makes me imagine how God feels when I stop and rest in His Presence.  

Lessons/blessings from being sick:
--Different  sense of dependence on God. One of my new devotionals for the year has suggested I learn to say, in all things: "I trust You, Jesus." It doesn't come easily. It is amazing how much it has helped when I do. 
--I'd rather praise God for keeping me well. I'm glad I know to praise Him for keeping me even when I'm sick. 
--Gene is over his health maladies (including last weekend's cold I probably caught), so he can make drug and grocery runs for me. 
--Stocking up my gum bank; unexpected answer to one of my odd needs.   

I still struggle to understand why I will miss church and 12-step meetings with cold symptoms, but am less likely to stay home from work. (I worked Friday even though Gene would not let me come see him  in the hospital; he didn't want me to infect the sick people.) I think it's because they don't "need" me as much at church and OA. I need them. But we really feel it at work when someone is gone. And I can work. I just don't feel great. (And I keep Germ-x with me at all times.)

Now that I think about it, it's somewhat new for me to actually stay home from the OA meeting and church without worse symptoms. Maybe it's a result of me praying more intentionally and seeking God's wisdom and presence. It's still too early to know for sure. I know I hope I wake up in the morning feeling so much better that there's no question about whether I should go to work. I still think that is possible. 

Until then and always: "I trust You, Jesus."

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