Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here I go again ... (oops, using fingers again!)

I guess it's time for this  ol' cat to learn a new trick. It seems a strong possibility now that just more than a year of using my left index finger to type on my phone is starting to cause problems.

I think I noticed the more frequent numbness in my index finger first. My fingers have always occasionally gotten a little numb when it's cold.  But they rebounded pretty quickly. This winter, it happens more often -- and it's harder to get it back to normal, especially my left index finger. And when it happened again yesterday, I took my gloves off and looked for the first time in  good light. The top part of that finger was colorless. Pretty freaky. I massaged it back into shape and vowed to make the change that has never worked for me before: using my thumbs to type on my phone. 

 So far, it's extremely difficult and frustrating. I've lost some posts I was trying to edit, and I'm constantly having to back up and try again.  So, it's taking forever. 

I realize it's quite possible these tiny keyboards aren't intended for essays such as blog posts.  But the phone makes it so easy to just start writing when the thoughts come, such as sitting in the reclined with the cat on my lap, or even when I'm pedaling on my exercise bike.  

Perhaps if it were just the numbness when it's cold I wouldn't be concerned. But I've also started having some pain in my left wrist. I've managed to avoid carpel tunnel symptoms in about 30 years of computer work. I'd hate to start having problems due to a supposedly smart phone. 

So, I am trying the thumb method. I may already feel positive results  in my hand, if not in my ability to type like this. My daily devotionals continue to offer words and Scriptures that affirm and encourage me along this path of making changes that weeks if not days ago still seemed impossible. And that gives me hope that I'll follow up on an even bigger step I know I need to take. 

From today's reading: Don't waste energy regretting the way things are ... Start at the present moment -- accepting things exactly as they are -- and search for My (the Lord's) way in the midst of those circumstances. 

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