Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A herd of unharnessed thoughts

When blog deadline approaches and no clear topic has emerged, I find myself trying to lasso my scattered thoughts, in hopes of capturing a theme worth writing about. That's where I was as I drove to work Wednesday.

Among the thoughts were continuing issues with my cat, the saga of Cooke County's yet-to-be-finished Relay for Life, work, my marriage, trying to decide where I want to go for an anniversary trip, when to wash clothes, some things related to church and choir and when to buy midweek groceries. I didn't find any blog fodder among the ruminations, even as I was aware of hopeful turns in most of those areas.

I couldn't harness any of my thoughts, but God was able to help me herd them into a corral of prayer. The image makes me smile and gives me peace. And it buys another week of time before the next "official" deadline, even as I'm optimistic that, God willing, I will post again much sooner, with words to reflect on and express gratitude for an abundance of blessings that I hope never to take for granted.

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