Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't be surprised ... be grateful!

In conjunction with Pentecost, my pastor on Sunday shared a phrase that has stuck with me. I didn't write down the exact words, and I didn't catch the source, but this is the idea: Don't be surprised when God arrives and interrupts your life.

Sunday morning, the meaning clearly tied to what the Bible in the Book of Acts describes happening when the Risen Christ met with His disciples and poured out His Holy Spirit.

But when a deadly tornado passed too close to home for comfort later Sunday, and then an even more devastating one cut a path Monday about midway between my home and my job 25 miles north, the phrase took new layers of meaning.

I hope to write more about them soon.

For now, there is too much work to be done.

But I am grateful to know that God is present in the storm and in the recovery. So, maybe even though the lyrical phrase has stayed with me, what it is really reminding me is that God is already there. Life is what interrupts -- and when it does, He has already arrived, there to help all who will call upon Him in their time of need as well as praise Him in their times of joy.

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