Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why I am where I am today

The concept of supporting Toby Keith's Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert with Garth, Trisha, Willie, Sammie and others was intriguing, but if I didn't have the stamina it took to get tickets online, on the phone or in person (apparently these require time, planning, patience and persistence, and maybe some luck; personal connections also seemed to help some I know who got tickets), then what made me think could endure 3 pm heat and that crazy crowd on July 6? Of course, there is really no comparison. This is frustrating. That would have been fun.


That's a paraphrase of what I wrote June 21, when I struck out in my brief attempt to get tickets. I gave up after several calls and posts came up with "Sorry, there are no tickets available for this event."  

I made a choice that day, and it was about more than what I would do this July 6. I looked within to assess: who  am I, and where does this concert fit in? What I saw then, and continue to see, is that I am a low-key person. My needs and wants are fairly simple. It's a conclusion   I've reached before, and it's meaning continues to evolve.   

I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed going, but it has been a good lesson to live the choice I made. Instead, I am in Texas, for a very low-key visit with Mom and whoever else is here (many are traveling) and also doing some upkeep chores on the farm. Tomorrow, I will attend the church I grew up in instead of the church where I am a member now. That's another case of where, if it was possible to be two places at one time, I would do both.   

But I can't do it all. I can't have it all.  I don't need it all.   

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want ...   

I rest safely beneath the everlasting arms. 

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