Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What was I expecting?

I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm pretty sure this is not it.

So I will continue to watch and wait. That is faith. That is hope. That is love.

Christmas isn't the end of God's story. Nor is Easter. Every day is a beginning and an end -- and also a continuing.

Maybe that's why we celebrate Christmas and Easter and birthdays every year. New gifts are revealed each time. But will I see this year's gifts? Or will I overlook them? If I see them, will I accept them? Will I appreciate them?

God is doing great things. I know this in my heart. If it's not obvious to my eyes, mind or experience, it's only because I don't see the whole picture. I trust that God does, and that He is in control.

Sometimes I find what I need or want to know when I write. This Christmas, maybe I need to try something different. So, as I head to a second Christmas Eve service for the night, I pray to be receptive to whatever God has planned. Lord, please help me think less and trust more. Let me feel and share your joy.

And, yes, right this minute, that would almost seem like a miracle ...

(More to come, whenever .....)

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