Sunday, June 1, 2014

A good transition

I like it when the transition from one month to the next goes smoothly. That was the case yesterday and today. 

Saturday started with the festive camaraderie of a bridal tea. Who knew tea leaves could produce a taste like creme brûlée -- and without added sugar? Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond is pretty far off the beaten path for this Norman resident, but I may search that flavor out again. 

Later in the day, a walk along my preferred route, around the tree-lined pond in my neighborhood, further refreshed my mind, body and spirit. It seems I cannot refrain from feeling grateful and praising God as I breathe in the fresh air, see the beauty of nature, hear the birds and insects and contemplate more snowlike cottonwood in the air than I can ever recall. 

Sunday brought the blessed assurance of worship and praise and Holy Communion with my church family. After the weekly chore of buying groceries -- which I really would like to move to another time than the Sabbath  -- I returned to church to take advantage of a short-term opportunity to sing with a live band. Something there is about an electric bass, a couple of guitars, a keyboard and drums played by spiritually focused musicians that makes it worshipful just to practice the familiar praise songs of "Trading My Sorrows," "Blessed  Be Your Name," "Marvelous Light" and "Every Move I Make."

After that, I actually volunteered to cook supper rather than suggest Gene and I go out. And then another walk. Ah! Thank You, God. 

Besides the praise band commitment, which involves practice this month for a week of leading youth worship services in early July, my other big service focus for June is Relay for Life. But I guess I will wait until another time to write about why I Relay. For now, I'll just say that my awareness of the need for a cure -- and money to help fund research for that purpose -- has continued to grow in the past year. 

I am looking forward to whatever God brings my way. I pray to be of use to Him, to His glory. 

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