Sunday, May 25, 2014

When memory fails ....

On this Memorial Day weekend, I'm aware that my typically frustratingly insufficient memory seems to be getting even worse. If I don't write something down, it's unlikely I will remember it. And sometimes even when I write it down I have trouble, because I don't remember where I put what I wrote. I have a folder on my iPhone where I try to keep notes on things I fear I will forget, and that works pretty good most of the time. But I ran into a case this weekend where either I forgot to write something down that I meant to make a note of last weekend, or I noted it somewhere other than my reminder file.

Even as my awareness of this condition grows, so has my acceptance. I don't like it, but I'm not fighting it right now. Like I said, I try to make notes in places I will be able to find them. I try to keep things on a calendar -- something I don't think I had to do even five years ago. But I also try to keep a light attitude about it. I'm grateful for a smartphone that not only keeps a calendar and my reminder file close by, but also quick Google searches. Today, that helped me "remember" my new neighbors' name, and also pushed me toward possibly connecting with them and reconnecting with some others.

I'm hoping what seems like a further decline in my memory is just a result of some stress and mental overload from things I've been letting accumulate. If so, I'm confident it will get better. And even if it doesn't on its own, the steps I've taken recently give me hope that I can find plenty of ways to work around my forgetfulness. But I really think that as I implement those things, my focus and concentration will improve, and that will help solve some of the memory problem.

As for Memorial Day itself, I was grateful for a blog I read each week that included a posting that addressed some thoughts I've had recently about Memorial Day, and whether it is a military holiday or for anyone who died. Rick Marschall's Monday Morning Music Ministry answered many of my questions and also challenged me to take some action. Here is a link to the blog:

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