Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#healthy65: Day 14 of 65

These are some  thoughts at the end of the second  week of my #healthy65 challenge:

I am thankful that I could choose not to participate in the wonderful Thanksgiving potluck at work and not feel deprived or pressured. I am grateful I can make choices that are healthy for me. Some days I don't. But for today, I did. 

I posted a version of that on Facebook, as an affirmation and somewhat of a commitment. I almost didn't post it, because I worried someone might think I was judging those who indulge in such feasts. That was not my intent. 

I think potlucks are  wonderful and sometimes I do participate. But I know how I am with food. The combination of a 10-hour holiday-week workday, stress and all that wonderful food would have been disastrous for me. I would not have been able to stop eating until I felt miserable.  I'm pretty much all or nothing, and when I acknowledge my tendencies and make choices based on the realities, the results are good. 

So, why don't I always do this? Who knows? Human nature, I guess. 

That brings me to another observation on Day 14 of my #healthy65 challenge. I've continued to achieve my gum goal daily instead of just twice a week. It hasn't gotten any easier. Today was another day I did not think it would be possible. But I'm on a roll, so to speak, and I really do not want to lose the positive momentum. So, I prayed, tried  and trusted -- and at the end of a long and hectic day I had only chewed about 54 little pieces of gum instead of the former norm of 112 or more. And I feel better for it, one day at a time. 

My final thought for tonight is that whose-ever idea it was to do the Dayxx of 65 tally was crazy. Fourteen seems like progress -- but 14 out of 65 looks like almost nothing. But on I trudge. More gratefully than it probably sounds in this post!!

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