Sunday, April 26, 2015

If I had a bucket list ....

Several things this past week and weekend reminded me of some suggestions I offered to a co-worker recently who was needing suggestions for a bucket list. 

I'm not good at those kinds of lists, but I thought about it, and these are two of the things I came up with:

-- headline a concert.
-- endow a scholarship. 

Enjoying three concerts (John the Franklin, Full Circle, and the Larry Pierce Jazz tribute concert) and a few songs from a fourth (Al Goode Orchestra) made me wonder if I will ever follow through with my dream of really singing. What would it take? How important is it to me?

Two things came to mind. 

First, it won't happen unless I make it a priority and believe it is possible.

 Second, it's possible the best I will do is become a more active supporter of musicians. I know the reasons I have held back. But my enjoyment of listening to this wide variety of talented artists made it clear something is missing from my life when I don't interact more with musicians. 

As for the scholarship, I know that it is possible, but it also would take a commitment I'm not sure I have. But my pride for relatives who have done this inspires me not to give up the dream. 

Again, it's possible my reality will be to provide support to the major contributions of others. Time and again, I see my best place is in a smaller scale and often behind the scene. And I generally think  I'm ok with that. 

But this week's experiences leave the door open to greater possibilities. As usual, I am praying to know and do God's will. And I'm grateful for the blessings He lets me be a part of along the way. 

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