Saturday, July 18, 2015

Worth the trip

Knowing I would be in airports and on planes last Sunday morning, I knew I would not be going to church. I also knew I wanted to go with God. 

I typically pray when the plane takes off and lands, and that was no different this time. 

A real sense of the divine came in the timing that allowed me to connect with a friend and her husband when we arrived in Charleston, S.C., even though I did not call her until that morning. I hate that I don't plan and execute intentions better, but I am immensely grateful I didn't let lack of ore planning stop me from making that call. The wonderful visit set the stage for a relaxing mini-vacation. 

Myrtle Beach was fantastic. Smooth sand. Great sand. A hotel room with a perfect view. 

Fireworks. Visiting a cousin who truly lives at the beach.  

And still I wonder: How much better would it be if I weren't so disorganized?

Who knows? It might not be any better. 

This is all very random. I do hope to come back and edit this one. I just wanted to get today's time stamp. 

Maybe something about the presidential security and the beached whale. 

And fireworks on the way to buy gas back in OKC. 

It's all good. And worth the trip. . 

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