Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back on track? Or a better, new track

So, I started setting some goals Saturday, in high hopes of using this little health surprise as a wake-up call to a better, more intentional life.

I did pretty well the first day. Saturday's goal was to start getting back on track. My inspiration was Elaine and so many others who do/did as much as they can as soon as they can or whenever they can. My surgeon actually encouraged it. In the morning, I walked on the treadmill -- slowly! -- for 15 minutes. After a rest, I showered. I knew to take it slow and pace myself.

Sunday's top desire was to attend church. I knew it might be a little ambitious, and I ended up not going. I am disappointed but undaunted. Maybe I will figure out where this Life.Church is online and give that a try. And I still have other goals I can accomplish today, even as I continue to rest and recuperate. I'm praying and trusting and continuing to be grateful for all prayers, support and encouragement!

Seeking positive changes, I'm trying to make an honest assessment: What excuses have I let hold me back from being the person I want to be? Mainly some little aches and pains; crazy brain that is not good at figuring out what to do (perhaps due to some ADD); and even some general laziness.

It helps to have Gene, who continues to be an amazing partner, care-helper and encourager -- and cook!!

And of course I am grateful to God for His continuing love, presence and healing.

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