Thursday, December 8, 2016


For something so small and common, a cold sure is disruptive. 

I became aware that my scratchy throat and congested head were symptoms of a cold last Saturday evening. Immediately my mind went to all the reasons I did not want my self-diagnosis to be true. Among other things, I had appointments scheduled Tuesday and Thursday, plus tasks to do to get ready for a family gathering the following Saturday. And this was the week I looked forward to catching up on paperwork and chores and visiting people while not traveling. 

I'm aware that if I were still employed, I might have gone to the office every day this week. I would have carried tissue and Germ-x, in an attempt to minimize the spreading of germs, but I'm pretty sure I would not have stayed home. I would try to get the recommended extra rest by going to bed earlier. But after battling through the commute and desk time, my head would be congested to the point I wouldn't be able to sleep. And still I would do it again the next day. 

Since I'm unemployed, it's been different. I've canceled or rescheduled my appointments. My husband has run my errands. I've spent lots of extra time in bed. 

And I'm not sure I feel any better six days in than I would have if I were on the go.

 I know one positive is that I'm not spreading germs past my husband. (Poor guy; the last thing he needs next week is a cold, but we figure the chances of him missing out are slim.) 

I hoped to go to choir practice last night and even texted the director with my plan: I wouldn't sing, and I would stay at a distance, with my tissue and germ-x. I knew I wanted and needed to hear his directions as the date for the Dec. 18 cantata nears. But after an afternoon coughing and sneezing fit, I opted to stay home. Now I'm having doubts about whether I'll know the music well enough to participate. 

And my plans for Saturday are also in limbo. I don't want to spread germs to a lot of kids and adults. But I don't want to miss the family gathering.

The thing about a cold is, once you've got it, there's really nothing you can do to speed its passing. I've tried before, and I'm trying again, and it's the same result. A pickle-juice-like solution of vinegar and salt has eased my sore throat, but it doesn't stop the runny eyes and nose and spread of germs. Neither have more rest, hydration, vitamin C, chicken soup and Zicam!

I know that, compared to so many things, a cold is no big deal. But that doesn't diminish its disruptiveness. And, as always, I know this is another opportunity to learn and grow. Yuck. But, yes. 

Awareness. Acceptance. Action. Awareness I can't make my cold go away, but I can choose how to respond. I can accept the limitations and uncertainties it brings. And I can look for actions I can do from home despite being sick. 

Gratitude. Graciousness.  

Hope. Help. Health. 

Prayer. Praise. Patience

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