Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not that person (preview)

When I see what other people write on blogs and in columns and see their paintings and sketches and photographs and hear their singing and read about their cooking or acting or dancing or parenting or shopping or organization or housecleaning, it's all I can do not to wonder WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME????? I have so little to do and can't seem to get any of it done!

Sometimes I think the older I get, the more mundane and mediocre I get, while all those around me seem to be finding their voice and gaining confidence in their expression and individuality.

Among the things that keep me from sinking into depression:
-- Faith and prayer.
-- Unconditional love of family and friends (and God).
-- Zoloft (you decide whether I'm kidding).
-- Remembering to count my blessings. They are there if I look.
-- Offering encouragement to others.

And I have to remember:
I'm not any of those people. I'm not that person. I am this person. Can I believe that God created me to be just the way I am? Maybe the hardest part is having faith in a God who would create me to be just the way I am. What kind of a trick was that?

And still, I know, God is great. I am blessed. And the journey of the spirit continues .....

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