Friday, April 9, 2010

Blame it on the bifocals

It's finally sunny, warm and springlike. I hoped by the time the weather caught up with the recent change of seasons, my vision and outlook also would be clear and bright. But that hasn't happened.

There's still a big, blurry line between what I see for the future and what I'm willing to look at now. I can see in the distance, and I can see up close. But much of what I'm interested in seems to be somewhere in between -- or on the periphery.

So, am I talking about my optical vision or my perceptive vision? Both seem in need of correction. I think what my attempt at wearing bifocals has made most clear is how hard it is for me to focus in all areas of my life. I'm easily distracted. It takes concentrated effort -- and patience -- for me to stay locked on the target, whether that means looking through the correct part of the lens to read a book or the computer or to see the image in a mirror, or not second-guessing a decision I've made about which task to tackle. Too often, the distractions win out, blurring my vision. And even when they don't win, they waste valuable time and effort.

Case in point: This is a day when I've gotten quite a lot done, things that really needed to be taken care of. I'm grateful for that. But my outlook is weighed down by the many other things I did not accomplish.

All I know to do is keep trying to stay focused. And if things do get out of kilter, I'll just blame it on the bifocals.

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