Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday blessings and lessons

Psalmcat 52:3.11.11

I really wanted to post something on my birthday, and my mind is blank.
I am blessed, and my mind is blank.
I was going to post about birthday blessings and lessons, but my mind is blank.
So I guess I should just go to bed. (It's much later than the time stamp will show.)

OK. I can't quite let it go ...

One of the thoughts/lessons: There's a fine line -- and a huge difference -- between being self-aware (good for me) and self-absorbed (bad for me). I've been venturing too close to the side that's bad for me. I think it may be part of a process as I come to terms with some of the things I'm becoming aware of about how I am and possible reasons why. I want to learn and grow, but I guess this, like everything else, will take time.

One of the blessings: The love and support and encouragement of family and friends, no matter what.

The greatest blessing: God's great love, on my birthday and always.

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