Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spontaneity amid structure

Sitting here trying to come up with something for my weekly blog post, I'm sharply reminded why I no longer write for a living. I had some ideas for this post before I sat down, but they are stuck behind a roadblock in my mind.

Among the thoughts was something about how my life seems to require a balance of spontaneity and structure. I definitely need structure (discipline) to even get out of bed each day, much less get anything done. But if everything is structured, life becomes routine and can seem dull or boring. I almost wrote that God is in the spontaneity (surprises) rather than the structure. But I realized I don't believe that. I strongly believe He is in the structure as well as the spontaneity. And why not? The God of my understanding is in all things!

Which brings me to a point (yea!): I need structure and spontaneity in my life each day, but above all, I need God. And when I seek Him first, all the other things are taken care of, to His glory.

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