Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amazing gifts

The first week of March began and ended well. Even the dangerous, snow-slick roads on Wednesday don't seem that bad looking back, although the drive was no fun at the time. Well, now that I think about it, I know hindsight really is marvelous. Did last Sunday seem all that great at the time when snow canceled church? But my outlook was good then despite less than desirable conditions, and it apparently carried over. 

Meanwhile, this weekend just ending was one of those amazing gifts, when prayers were answered in a most gratifying way as family was able to gather for a bridal shower. We trust that God is with us and in control whether the mother of the bride would have been able to attend or not. But after some recent trips didn't work out so well due to her complications from cancer and treatment, the success of this one was all the more precious. It required 
her acting on faith that God would see her through. We prayed she would know, and apparently she did. I feel the family really treasures the presence of each person who is there and sincerely is aware and misses each one who is not able to be. It's interesting that when the 25 gathered for lunch at a restaurant we didn't pray (unless I missed it; I was late) -- but we had all just come from church, and I know I felt the awareness of God's grace as we dined. 

Besides the absence of the ones unable to attend, the hardest part of these times together for me is when we all go our separate ways. That takes faith, too. 

The weekend also included the change to daylight saving time, aka the time when we "spring forward" an hour, which for many of us translates into a lost hour of sleep that won't be recouped until late fall. I feel the disconnect already -- it seems like it's about 9, but I just looked at my watch, and sure enough, it's almost 10. So, it will be another few days of transition. 

And again I say: bring it on. 

God is in control. I am grateful. Great is His faithfulness.

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