Sunday, March 1, 2015

Just like that!! (I blinked, and it was over)

I blinked, and February -- with all its work transitions, weather and some last-minute health concerns -- was over. It's amazing the difference two fewer days in a month can make in allowing the next month sneak up on a person. 

I'm not sad to see February end. Much was good, especially the transition at work from our suburban tower to a downtown box. All of the things that are less than wonderful to me -- the coldness of the office; air that often smells like a bar (even though it's a no-smoking venue); and parking that still tosses surprises at me every day or two -- are far outweighed by the improvements, such as the furnishings and layout of my desk,  the shorter drive and the overall vibrancy of the new building  and its venue in the heart of downtown. The outside temperature has also been cold most of these days, so I've yet to go out and enjoy the big park across the street or just reacquaint myself with downtown. But there will be plenty of days ahead for that (God and bosses willing!).

The health concerns involved my mom in the final week of February, and all is well now. But in the midst of the work changes and daily weather watching that kept any day from feeling normal, her time in the hospital was more unsettling to me than usual. The good news is that I prayed and asked others to pray -- and that helped me rely on my faith. And ultimately the prayers were answered with her return to health and home. I know that won't always be the case -- but I thank God that once again it was. 

And now it's March. Both churches I attend canceled services today due to expected snowy/icy conditions, but I worshipped online, led by a co-worker who is a bi-vocational minister. For many reasons, that was a good experience for which I am grateful. Lent continues through March, leading up to an early Easter on April 5. My Lenten disciplines have presented some challenges, especially the partial fast last Friday. But on the snowy, mostly stay-at-home days of this weekend, the readings helped keep me grounded. 

March is the month of spring's official start, but first comes the time change -- springing forward an hour next weekend. It's also a time for bridal showers and birthdays and hopefully more warm and sunshiny days. 

I'm ready!!

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