Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Birthday blessings -- and a vow

I wish I could respond to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I feel so blessed. 

Even though my husband is out of town (and sick, on top of that), I had a very good day. Most people go out for dinner for their birthday to fill up, but I went to the dentist to get fillings. (I would not have done that had my husband not been out of town.) Since I left work early, I wasn't there when the beautiful yellow roses my husband sent arrived. But a co-worker took a picture so I could see them and share on Facebook. I look forward to going to work tomorrow to enjoy their fragrance. 

The dentist visit went quickly, smoothly and with amazingly little discomfort, and then I went shopping, followed by a walk around the neighborhood pond.
I especially enjoyed God's gift of gorgeous weather -- sunny, warm and calm -- perfect for that walk and top-down drives. 

I was hoping the deadening would wear off in time for choir practice, and it did. I ended up being serenaded 3 times, including over the phone  by my brother and his family (OK, make that his family!!) and face to face by the Goodrich church choir. Since I'm attending a different church much of the time now, I don't go to the Goodrich rehearsal regularly. Going tonight was a gift to myself. Plus, I did think they would probably sing to me, and I love to hear them sing. I love to sing with them even more -- even when we are just rehearsing. Ending with The Hallelujah Chorus was a nice cap to the night. 

 But enough about me. Starting tomorrow, I MUST start focusing less on self and more on others. Please help me, God!!

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