Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A healthy change of attitude

I've been trying to decide whether to do the #Healthy65 Challenge coordinated by a co-worker this year. And the answer, finally, is yes. It starts Monday. 

My #Healthy65 Challenge: attitude of gratitude. 

Here are some of  my starting thoughts:

I'm pretty good physically. I've continued to adhere to last year's #Healthy65 Challenge to reduce my gum consumption significantly (which saved me a very conservative minimum of $365 for the year).


I couldn't think of a physical challenge worth taking on this year.


But I think this challenge regarding my attitude will have positive results extending well beyond my bodily health.


Quit complaining. In all things, be thankful. 


I've been convicted by so many people sharing daily thanks in November. I had hoped to. I have not.


And I realize that often when I do give thanks and express gratitude, it comes after working through a complaint or problem.


For 65 days, or at least a day or two a week for 65 days, I want to abstain from complaining.


Instead of complain, I will strive to say (or at least think): what can I do?  how can I help?


(I may have a lot to get out of my system before that starts!!)

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