Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just because

I can't resist posting this, but I also hate to. Everyone makes mistakes. But four times????? (OK, it may have just been three, but I'll err on the grand side.) I almost delivered it to the right house myself the second time it came, but instead just put it back in the mail slot. (An embarrassing aside is that the first time it came, I opened it, not realizing it wasn't addressed to me! It's a thank-you, apparently from possibly a college student to his grandmother. That was actually heartwarming. I want Meme to get her card!!!)

Update: On Thursday, this showed up one more time. I guess what friends said on Facebook is true; it will keep coming back unless I black out the code on the bottom. So I've done that now. Maybe it will get there. I hope so. 

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