Sunday, November 29, 2015

Purging the system

On Monday, I'm starting a 65-day challenge in which I hope to abstain from complaining. I want to quit whining and pointing out the negative. I want to say something positive or say nothing at all. And I want to somehow do this without denying or stuffing my feelings. 

The minimum challenge is to do this at least two days each week during this 65-day period. Now I'm wondering if a goal of one day per week is more realistic. But since I attempt to approach all goals with a progress-not-perfection attitude, I'll go ahead and strive for two -- even as I also hope to achieve more!!!

I had hoped to use the time since I came up with this challenge Wednesday to purge some of the negativity I know I have in me. Here it is Sunday and I still haven't. Will I now??

Weather -- I hate cold conditions, and even more when it's icy or snowy. 

Cantata -- I love our church choir director (who happened to mention this in his own blog),  and the first three cantatas by Pepper Choplin were amazing. But I just cannot get into this one. Still trying. Hopefully. Writing this will keep me from voicing frustration. 

Hair -- I have reasons for wanting to let it grow. I have no clues how to style it. 

What to wear -- neverending anxiety for some unexplainable reason. 

Work -- too few people to do what's expected, and now some of those are off, trying to use the rest of their vacation before year's end. 

Christmas -- expectations vs. reality.

Balance -- marriage, other relationships, work, personal boundaries. 

Of course, the better approach than trying to get out all of the negativity is to start now with focusing on the positive instead. Try not to say anything until I work through to the gratitude. As I've written before, even when I complain, I usually come around to gratitude. But sometimes the damage is already done, whether that be fouling someone else's mood or just wasting time. 

Instead of complain, I will strive to say (or at least think): What can I do?  How can I help? What can I be grateful for here?

Pray. Be still and listen for God. Trust and obey. 

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