Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back to work, probably part 1

It was hard for me to ask for time off for the Key West vacation. I have missed a lot of work this year on medical leave.  

But I'm still entitled to vacation, and this looked like the best opportunity for me to travel with my husband this year. So I asked and it was approved.

I feel indebted. I feel grateful. 

Some people say I've earned the benefits from nearly 34 years of loyal service to my company, and that's probably true. 

But I know that's not how business -- and especially media companies -- work these days. 

So I don't take it for granted for a single minute that I am very fortunate to have my job and its benefits.
Yes, I work hard, but so do many other people. And I know that when anyone from our team is gone, others have to pick up the slack.

I need to be ready now for others to be gone -- and I need to encourage them to take their allotted time. 

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