Sunday, May 1, 2016

God is at work (Resistance is futile), Part 2

may need to wait a week before I share most of what is on my mind. But I am grateful for continued evidence that God is at work and truly wants me to join him. The lesson this week has been that I don't get to know in advance what we are doing or what the result will be. I just get to pray, listen, obey and trust. 

This past week, it led to today's amazing worship opportunity as two people trusted God's nudge and stepped outside their comfort zones. 

But in another instance, it led to what seemed like rejection of an idea I thought was planted by God. Oh yes, another reminder that I don't need to worry about the results. I just need to do my part. 

And along the way, packing for a vacation -- something that usually keeps me up half the night, and  sometimes into the wee hours of morning -- is completed before 10 pm. And it's looking like a blog post will be done as well. 

So, sometimes, as I mentioned last week, responding to that nudge seems overwhelming, as one thing leads to another. But maybe I'm seeing that if I can continue responding -- prayerfully seeking, obeying and trusting -- I will truly find in God the peace and purpose I desperately long for. 

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