Sunday, May 8, 2016

Reflections on vacation

I started this and posted it May 8, to get the Sunday time stamp. But I knew it was a work in progress, and am not sure I will even know when it is finished. Maybe before the next Sunday time stamp!!

The things I wanted to write about were the Key West. Fla., vacation and the whirlwind transition back to some semblance of normal after my medical interruptions. There were also some thoughts about Mother's Day.  Now, it looks like it will mostly be about the trip. 

Packing for the Key West vacation was the worst ever for me. Although I had managed not to stay up all night before our early morning flight, trying to decide what to take, the result seemed to be that I had at least twice as many clothes, shoes and other items as I needed. 

I had thought Gene would insist I not take so much, and I was prepared to start taking things out of the luggage. But he did not, so I did not. 

And I paid the price when we tried to pack all that excess plus some purchases for the return flight. 

Part of the excess weight for the return trip was due to a moment of weakness. 

I'm usually very good at "No, thank you." But a  conversational sales gal caught me in a moment of weakness. She set just the right trap to snare my vulnerability. I had just thought to myself that morning or the previous night that my eyes look tired. After I had selected a free soap sample, she mentioned the exact condition of my eyes that I had observed. And she said she had a product that would make a noticeable difference. 

I had time to spare, so I decided, why not? I doubted I would see results, but why not let her try?? 

And then I saw results. Hmmmm. Now what. To buy the products that did this would cost more than I've ever paid for skin care products. But she had given me a mini-facial. After quite a conversation and checking online, I bit the bullet and handed her my credit card.  ... 

I thought that would be the end of it. Silly me. That was just the hook!!!! She had more magic to show me -- and I could have the rest of the products for half price -- but double what I had just paid. It was much easier to say no on this one, but I felt much less confident about the original purchase. Had I been suckered? Time will tell. I haven't tried the products on my own since I've been home. Maybe that will be a future blog post. 

As I left the Soap Stories store and continued my way to the beach, I passed what was called The Millionaires Gallery. I window shopped some fantastic artwork of major recording artists and was tempted to go in but did not. That's probably good, because three nights later, Gene and I were walking along Duval Strret together and entered the gallery. And the saleswoman had a pitch that really did not want to end with no. But accompanied by Gene, I was able to resist. 

And if there is a patron saint for travelers, he or she had been with me earlier that day. At the gift shop at the end of the Ernest Hemingway House tour, I realized I did not have my bag -- or my cellphone that was in it. I mentally retraced my steps and realized  I had probably left it in the restroom. So I was headed there. But as I exited the gift shop, there was Gene with my bag. He had been sitting in a shady spot not far from the restrooms and store while I continued exploring the Hemingway grounds. And when a woman came out of the women's restroom holding a maroon bag with a large white aTm logo, asking if anyone was missing this, he quickly claimed it as mine. I am SO grateful. Lucky. Blessed? Grateful Gene did not have to deal with the hassle of me losing that stuff. 

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