Monday, February 27, 2017

The difference a day makes

I'm in a support and recovery program where "one day at a time" and "just for today" are important concepts. And what a difference a day can make!

In recent days, I've been making a pretty detailed list of what I hope to accomplish in that 24 hours. I use it to set goals and to prioritize and reprioritize as the day goes along. Even though I typically end up deciding some of the things are not priorities and can be crossed off the list or moved to another day, overall I think the list has helped me daily to get more done.

Saturday, the list was filled with opportunities and desires that I didn't see how could work out. During my devotional time as I walked on the treadmill before showering and getting on with my day, I read that I could ask God to show me His plans for the day and he would reveal them. It never seems to work that way for me, but I did pray to know, trusting that God would be in control even if it didn't seem clear to me what His plans were.

It doesn't usually happen this was for me, but as the day unfolded, it became crystal clear that God in fact was revealing his plans for the day, equipping me to do my part and blessing me and, I pray, others along the way. Not only did I get the things on my list done, some things came up that most days would have stressed me out, thinking there was no way to add another thing. Instead, step by step, it seemed clear how this would work. And I continued to be energized and blessed, thanking God all along the way. I was aware of a feeling that I like: All things seemed possible.

When I have a day like that, I always hope it will be the start of some consistency in productive days. So, even though Sunday's list again had what looked like too much to do, I was optimistic it would unfold just as gloriously. And maybe it did. But it didn't seem like it. Instead, I was weary and easily distracted. Things didn't fall into place smoothly. Although I got a lot done and much was good, by the end of the day I felt discouraged. It seemed possible things would never really change for the better.

What had happened? I don't know the full answer to that question. But thinking of those "one day at a time" and "just for today" concepts, I realize it's OK to have what might seem like good days and bad days — and possibly sometimes good days that for some reason just don't seem as good. I think that's what happened Sunday. I know I did my best and kept going back to God with prayers of thanksgiving, faith and trust, and to know and do His  will.

I awoke Monday again feeling that all things are possible. It's mid-afternoon, and I feel energized and blessed by opportunities I've had to serve and pray and share and care. Now there is some housework to do, which is part of what threw me off on Sunday. Maybe what wasn't possible yesterday will be today. Regardless, I pray to be aware at the end of the day that it has been good, and that, as always, God is the source of that goodness.


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  2. The crazy thing going on now is that I cannot find the devotional I distinctly remember reading Saturday. It was about asking God for wisdom and for Him to reveal his plans for the day. Now I don't see it in any of what I read that day. I guess it was just a message for me at that moment. Still grateful.