Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In pursuit of passion

Once again, I found myself in a moment of feeling directionless, wondering what my purpose is. And very soon,  just going through the actions of my day, I found words that reminded me the importance of pursuing my passion.

But what is my passion?

Today's reading from a 12-step devotional (Overeaters Anonymous' "Voices of Recovery") triggered thoughts.

"To recognize where my passion is."

I've thought this before, and it's what comes to mind again: My passion is to help and encourage others. But how?

Among my desires: I want to write. I want to sing. And I want to help and encourage others, to God's glory.

But how? I'm still stuck, but today it seems a little clearer: I need to write encouraging words. That's what I've been doing, but it hasn't seemed significant. But maybe that's because I haven't believed in its merit.

The turned-back page on my other daily OA devotional ("For Today") sent me back to this that I had flagged from yesterday:

Yesterday is when I was questioning my purpose. Why am I here, on this trip to Houston accompanying my husband, who is working?

These words helped so much: "Today, I consider a day well spent if I have enjoyed something I once took for granted ... when I see a self-defeating habit go ... when I risk closeness ... when I forget what I have to do and let myself feel the moment."

I can't point to a particular thing about yesterday that this applied to, but it is a perspective that changes everything and renews my hope. And it pushed me toward this writing, which I'm pretty sure is a step toward recognizing my passion and letting it loose in a positive way, to God's glory.

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