Friday, February 26, 2010

Borrowed and Lent

I'm thinking a little wordplay might be the right way to end this week and this month. We'll see how it goes!

Dare I say "Borrowed and Lent" might be as good as it gets? I think it will get better, though I do wonder where all those ideas swimming around in my head go when I sit down to write!

The idea was to share some of the words I've picked up from others that have helped me make it through seemingly dark days of the soul, whether from winter, the introspection of Lent or any number of causes during the years of my life.

What I discover is that the words aren't at my fingertips. I can't find the e-mails, the books, the printouts, the clippings that contain the inspiration. So this looks like more work than I intended. I wanted it to be fun.

I guess my desire to write about things borrowed and Lent
too little time in my consciousness has spent.
So it looks like no words of real worth
at this time from me will flow forth!

(I feel as if I should apologize in case anyone actually took the time to read this, but I'm smiling in silly amusement as I prepare to go do a few chores, so it was worth something!)

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