Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Deadline" -- with nothing to write

How can I have nothing to write? It's March. It's been an unspringlike start to spring. Snow on the first day of spring, beautiful sunny day on March 23 and another dreary day today. Plus all those other things -- mostly good stuff at work; uncertain stuff in the economy and government; an answer to prayer, one moment at a time, involving a loved one; practicing an Easter classic to sing at church; rich blessings of friendship, family and spirit.

Maybe it's the bifocals. I'm in my sixth day with these glasses, and I think having two choices for viewing has somehow affected my brain. Can bifocals bring on Attention Deficit Disorder? It seems as if they have. I will return to the eye doctor's office Friday to try to get this fixed. Being willing to do that is progress for me!

Anyway, tonight there is little clarity. The written words are for one purpose only: to meet a self-imposed deadline. So far, the practice seems worthwhile, helping me remember there are at least two times for me to write: (1) when I feel the spirit or muse move me, and (2) when the deadline day arrives. And so, one week after my last post, I write and "publish." I am grateful to recognize another step of progress.

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