Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'ds of March

About this time of year, I often find myself wondering, what the heck are the Ides of March? Of course, rather than being inspired to research the topic, I was inspired to offer my own interpretation:

I'd like mid-70s to mid-80s days with light breezes to come and stay awhile. Occasional rainshowers would be OK, but no tornadoes or hail.

I'd like everyone who is sick to be healed, and those without jobs to find them, and those who feel unloved to know that they are loved.

I'd like to get a clue at work.

I'd like my actions to match my intentions.

I'd like a flat-screen HDTV for the living room and an iPhone just for me.

I'd like to find an inexpensive, effective method for reversing or somehow beautifying facial wrinkles, especially around the smiling eyes!

I'd like for Congress and the president to put aside their differences and come up with a health care reform plan that is good for all. It could be done if people weren't so selfish, greedy and proud.

I'd like people in general to put aside their differences, selfishness, greed and pride to work together for the good of all.

I'd like to be aware and change as needed in those situations where I let selfishness, greed and pride get in the way of the greater good.

I'd like my favorite sports teams to keep on winning!

I'd like to procrastinate less and produce more.

I'd like to grow old gracefully and beautifully.

I'd like to get everything cleaned up and caught up at home, in my car and at work.

I'd like to add more to this list, but if I wait, I might second-guess myself and not post it.

I'd like you to feel free to add your own I'ds.

(I did finally look up ides of March, and I wasn't too impressed. I think I associated it with Ireland and St. Patrick's Day rather than Rome and tragedy and the mid-month settling of accounts, although that might be a concept to explore further. Overall, I like mine better!)

Up next, perhaps, the ideas of March .....

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