Thursday, March 11, 2010

No longer 50

Psalmcat 51:3.11.10

I often find myself thinking or feeling that I should write about key dates, moments, etc., such as New Year's, a birthday, a life-changing experience or notable happenings in the world. But the reality continues to be that words often fail me at those times. I never know how long it will take for an experience to be absorbed into my soul and spirit in a way that it can be transformed into words. I seem unable to force this to happen. Not only does this keep me from being a professional writer, it sometimes brings disappointment when I would like to write newsletter articles -- or even just letters -- or commemorative tributes. I won't commit to do it because I don't know whether the words will come.

But all is not lost. I am reminded that even though I want to write and feel called to write, perhaps it's not for any specific finished written product but more for the process. Maybe writing, for me, is meant to be a journey of discovery, a tool for learning about myself and, sometimes, to nudge myself toward positive changes in the ACTIONS I take in life. As for placing such writings where others can read them, maybe the point of that is to somehow hold myself accountable and, on occasion, to inspire or provoke others. And as for touching on some topics again and again, in similar or different ways, well, maybe that's what it takes for me or someone else to get the message.

As the days of my life welcome the year of 51, I'm grateful to move forward with hope and joy. I thank God for blessings beyond measure.

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