Saturday, September 22, 2012

Milestones and transitions

I can't think of a month I've ever had with this many milestones and transitions, except perhaps September 1982.

Sept. 1 -- Vacation starts. First meeting at my 12-step group's new office. Spending time with a friend at Arts Festival Oklahoma.

Sept. 2 -- back at my church after missing two Sundays there.

Sept. 3 -- we're off for a vacation to San Antonio by way of McKinney and a visit with a longtime friend in Belton.

Sept. 4 -- 30th wedding anniversary, celebrated along the River Walk in San Antonio.

Sept. 5 -- not going to let a possible health issue slow me down!

Sept. 6 -- catching up with another longtime friend.

Sept. 7 -- after leisurely days and nights along the river, a jam-packed whirlwind return begins. First stop: Aggieland, visiting the newly opened after remodelling Memorial Student Center and  staying through the first Midnight Yell of the SEC era.

Sept. 8 -- busy day of visiting, starting at niece's house near Waco  at 2 am, continuing with husband's sister in McKinney in the afternoon, then meeting their cousin from Florida, for the first time in about 30 years, in Dallas, and finally heading north to my mom's for the night.

Sept. 9 -- more visiting with the cousins, then quickly to eat with mom and more family before returning home to Oklahoma.

Sept. 10 -- a welcome extra vacation day before heading back to big changes it work. If only I had taken time to resolve the health issue!

Sept. 11 -- back to work. The countdown is on for desk cleaning in preparation for the following Monday's move to a different floor.

Sept. 11 -- uh oh. Health issue demands attention. If only I'd gotten antibiotics Monday. Surely this fever will break soon -- and it did.  Little did I know the energy would stay zapped much longer.

Sept. 13 -- back to work after just missing my 4-hour shift on Wednesday. And will I celebrate a personal milestone or not? Yes, I will! Cookies, candy, chips, veggies and dip to share with co-workers in honor of the 30th anniversary of when I started regularly spending usually more than 40 hours a week at the company I work for. I feared it might seem vain or something to call attention to my anniversary, but I also knew co-workers always appreciate good chocolate and other treats. I'm grateful I followed through with what seemed kind of a crazy idea, even to me.

Sept. 14 -- cannot leave work until my space is packed and ready to move. Deadline work is finished about 12:30 am. Departure achieved at 2 am.

Sept. 15-16 -- exhaustion. Not sure if it's aftermath of health issue or stress of moving and the emotions of so  many memory-producing milestones. Probably both. Something about the work move prompted me to call another friend I haven't talked to in a while. Got answering machine. Good even to leave a message.

Sept. 17 -- moving day. And everything seemed to go smoothly. Anything that seemed to be problematic was quickly resolved. I am grateful and amazed.  And so it continued every day of week one.

I still cannot find words to express how grateful I am for all of these experiences. I'm far from perfect in my journey as a Christian, but I've prayed all along the way, and I continued to have faith and look for the good even when obstacles or interruptions or distractions arose. And things always worked out for good. This is so different for me. Traditionally, change and moving paralyze me with fear and anxiety. And getting sick along the way would typically set me back even further.

Despite all the positive changes for which I am so grateful, I know this is just a foundation. I am praying for willingness and ability to shift my focus from so much on myself to more directly on others. Right now, God still seems to be guiding me to share with others as He works on me. So, I continue to wait and watch and pray in faith to see where this all leads.

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