Saturday, September 15, 2012

Waiting .....

I desperately wanted to publish a worthwhile post this week and not another placeholder, but I just cannot do it. I prayed in faith for God to help me make sense of what I was trying to express, and the answer I seemed to get is that it is OK to let that topic  wait. It's OK to just check in this time. But it's still important to check in.

Life is full and rich. I feel gratitude for several recent experiences and insights, and great hope and joy about so many things. But I'm also physically and emotionally exhausted for a variety of reasons.

My biggest fear is that I will forget some of the details of these experiences before I can get them expressed in writing. (Yes, writing helps me remember.)

With prayer, faith and action, everything else has managed to turn out beyond what I could have hoped, so I choose to believe this will, too.

Looking for inspiration just now from one of my daily devotionals, I read this title for tomorrow's entry: Waiting for His Very Best. Hmmmm. Right before I saw that page, I was thinking I needed to find some guidance about waiting. And here it is. "Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord." (Psalm 27:14)

The combination of the title and the Scripture help me believe it will be worth the wait, to see what God has in store, for my words and my life.


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  1. (facebook link) Why is it that the richer life or an experience is, the harder it seems for me to write about it? This is my second "placeholder" post in a row. I didn't even link to last week's. I'm holding on to hope that the words for what I'm really wanting to express will come together soon. Life really is good, and I feel grateful and blessed. But you won't find the reasons why by clicking on the link!