Saturday, September 8, 2012

No vacation from trying to find words

Is blog deadline still in effect  when I'm on  vacation? The answer should probably be no, that I can take a break,  but I still feel like I want to post something, even though I don't know what to write. I keep thinking and hoping some little tidbit from the trip will come into sharp, simple  focus, but nothing has. Maybe that's because I also took a bit of a break from intentional, focused prayer.  I read my devotionals and prayed each day, but I seldom made it through the whole list, and my focus was very weak. I did give thanks many times each day and also sought God's direction. I just missed devoting time solely to God.

I think I need to post even these few musings about posting to ease the transition out of vacation. That will also buy me time to compose some more meaningful reflections on an anniversary vacation that was relatively simple but so rich and fulfilling. I can quickly express gratitude here to God  and feel the peace that continues to come from doing even simple things such as responding to the urge, I believe God-given, to try to find words.

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