Friday, January 25, 2013

The strange and unusual year continues

For someone who enjoys sharing her odd experiences and observations on Facebook, the past 24 hours are problematic. How can I tell you about my midnight ambulance ride from the workplace to the ER without having to divulge a bunch of details best left unshared? (I never, ever, expected to be the test subject on how the ambulance would get to our building after hours in our current lease/security arrangement, but I guess someone had to.)

Suffice it to say I am grateful for co-workers, my husband and emergency medical responders. The systems work! And I was home by 4 am, still somewhat amazed by the commotion I caused, but overwhelmed with relief that all seems to be well and pain-free for the moment.   

Other than the disruptions I caused at work and for my husband in those overnight hours, my biggest regret now is that I will miss work tonight and Monday and the talent show at church on Sunday. I was all ready to sing! Fortunately, I can go to my 12-step meeting tomorrow and worship Sunday.  

And on Monday, I hope to start getting answers to some more of my ongoing medical mysteries! Prayers are appreciated as the first month of 2013 continues to be nothing like I ever would have expected.  

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