Sunday, May 11, 2014

No place I would rather be

For the second year in a row, I spent Mother's Day weekend in Arkansas with my Mom. And as was the case last year, there is no place I would rather have been. 

Last year it was my niece Laura's nursing school graduation. This year it was niece Rose's wedding. Beautiful, joy-filled days. Not all of the extended family is able to attend, but those who do carry the love and spirit of the whole group and try to relay it back to the others. 

I feel so grateful and blessed to spend this time with my Mom.  She helps me accept each day and find the blessings in whatever comes. (But I guess she also worries about me when I stay up writing after she and Amy have gone to bed.  So, I will stop here. Someday, God willing, I will find the words and time to express so much more  I've wanted to chronicle the past few months -- and this weekend.) 

Thank You, God, for this beautiful day and my amazing mom!

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