Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lessons learned?

I could sense on New Year's Eve eve that 2015 was unlikely to go out with a strong blog post by me. In fact, that's when I started writing this, hoping to stumble into a rhythm or plan while watching the Aggies try to win a bowl game with a third string quarterback starting by virtue of the two 5-star QBs ahead of him transferring out of the program after the final regular season game of the season. 

And maybe I do see some inspiration. Despite a very slow start (I think Jake Hubenak had no completed passes in the first quarter), there have been a couple of good scoring drives. It was 20-14 at the half and 27-21 with 1:40 minutes and A&M in the red zone. ... So anything is possible. I want the Aggies to win, but win or lose, it's been a good effort in less-than-optimal circumstances. (The Aggies didn't get that final score, but I'm more ok with it than I was with some of the non-victorious efforts this season.)

My point was trying to be: Just play ball!!

Or: Just live life. 

Or: Just do it. 

Don't decide whether to watch or participate based on what I think the outcome will be. 

And try to avoid the trap of letting the outcome dictate my attitude. 

Might that be a lesson learned from 2015? Time will tell. 

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